Thursday, April 3, 2014

Get in control

In a world where "there is much to do and so little time" is a common Mantra, it is a feeling that all people and all have greater control over the day we know what we are doing. While we may be on the field and call the customer, there are areas where the culprit is still none other than our own. The use of the word "control" as an acronym, let me propose the ways in which we can start to get some relief from the self-induced pressure.

You can Wrong. Not entered his office and immediately feel that you can get buried in all this mess? Papers were stacked on tables, the floor, and tiered box. Note that if this is the natural style of your organization, you have the pressure of the items out of sight is feeling! But if you're like most people, only adds to the excitement of the time spent in finding what you need. Do you use all that you have on display? You can find an article when you need it? If your answer is "no," proceed to the next recommendation.

Out the excess paper. See what's around you. What can pull supply of salt? If you are a month behind in magazines and other publications, scan the table of contents and only store items that you need. Discard the rest.

Never, never, never, do not now. Spit it out. Practice. Often we nod our heads "yes" Clockwork toys such as guilt, fear, or a sense of obligation. Ask yourself, why would you say "yes." Maybe even the "not now" will suffice. I am convinced that if we do not put limits on our time, which will disappear with the permission of our ignorance.

Speech. To limit the duration of a conversation or meeting, define the sentence. "I want to talk to you, but I had other plans. Could you tell us your request (situations, attention, etc.) in 25 words or less? " First, you're not telling the truth to the opening statement. Always have another interaction - even if you have an account on the computer. Second, you have shown a willingness to respond. Always on the player for quick conversations. It is interesting how the "25 words or less" Can improve the speed and smoothness of the conversation. As a variation on this theme, you can also limit a long conversation with this question: "How do you want to end this conversation"

Read only what is important. And what's important about your business, your future, your life.

Reach early. It can mean everything from getting up early to do things early. If you already packing for a trip, do not wait until the last minute. Prepare in advance for your bag, your bag. The only thing that needs to be added last minute items. Create artificial deadlines before the deadline. You always feel more in control.

Relax. Perfect is not always perfect. Find and enjoy the unexpected. There are times where we allow ourselves to give in to the event and the time in which we have no control. Maintenance grounded planes making time allows me to complete the job is not done. Stores to close as soon as I approached the door made me walk around and find other stores I've never seen before.

Finally mastered getting clear about our work habits, our priorities and our values.

If you are an overworked executive, entrepreneur, stressed employees know there is more to life than wages, then this book is for you.

Following the experience step-by-step support from real people who have made a career choice that will allow you to find and maintain the balance of pro-active in the life and work-based advice.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Raising backyard chickens can be a great family activity

Those who want to raise chickens in their backyards. There are a number of benefits to raising chickens at home and if you make your own chicken coop, you will not regret in the future. The benefit is that you will have fresh chicken and eggs to eat, all of the residual and the rest destroyed by them, their dung is used as fertilizer and much more.

To raise chickens in a healthy environment you need a chicken coop, you want to market but preparing a chicken coop with effective your hands on more costs. The number of poultry and the space available to give you an idea for a custom built cage. Readymade baskets are expensive and even if you get them you have to collect the parts to build a chicken coop. Some important factors that should be taken into account before the development of the home. Enclosure design should be appropriate height, length and width, insulation, parts for proper air movement and light, nesting areas, where waste collection and above all precautions from possible predators.

There are many websites which offer guidebooks to build a chicken coop. Many people have failed to enforce the rules, especially, they offer free advice. You are wasting valuable time by finding the website for the original user. However, many people after wasting a lot of time and use a lot of guidance from several sites come to the conclusion that some's most effective, efficient and best guide to build a chicken coop. It is a plan and design for some sort of a chicken coop. You can also download the design and color of their application for an off-hand reference.

The main purpose of the enclosure is to provide security to the birds, maintain health, as found and the number of chickens you want to keep. It is a design for a chicken coop design premium collect the eggs and allow many birds to stay at a time. Materials used in the construction of the cage is very important. In a small space you can give a lot of chicken by developing a two tier unit and has an easy cleaning ability. In addition they provide information on the type of chicken that properly fits your environment, their values, food and protection from other animals killed. They provide comprehensive general guidelines that can support you every step of raising poultry.

It is a price of $ 29.95 instead of attention to the original price of $ 109.70 and also includes a number of other poultry and poultry. If you are not happy with their information so that you can ask for 100% money back within 60 days.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Conference calling grow

Initially limited to a business call conference to pay exorbitant fees for telecommunications companies. For business, it still makes sense economically because the costs are lower than the cost of traveling involved in bringing people together. In addition, significant time savings involved, both in terms of travel time and be able to communicate quickly enough to group.Telcos extended later increased their market by providing conference calling services to consumers in the home for an additional charge. For some people, it makes sense to be able to bring a family or group with common interests together easily, usually to plan some physical event.With expansion of the Internet, and in particular, the increased availability and lower prices for high speed internet access, conference calling has grown uses.For away from his original business, remains a valuable tool and, in fact, be more useful as prices fell and increased ease of utilization. Audio / Video Conferencing is used real time (and some organizations had been for some time). As bandwidth costs decline and the underlying technology of audio-video transmission in the network improves, Video Conferencing true real-time increases the growing sophistication dramatically.

With typical surfer and expansion of internet marketing, audio and video has become a hot item. In the internet marketing community, conference calls - commonly known as teleseminars, has become a common feature. Offers the opportunity to reach a large group of prospects interested in a format that is relatively simple and inexpensive, teleseminars also offer marketers the opportunity to create instant products. A teleseminar recordings can be sold as a stand-alone product or be used as a marketing tool for products.Marketers back-end using both free and paid teleseminars. Generally have higher levels of injected free teleseminar content sales, but do not vary a great deal.Solutions now available range from relatively expensive for essentially free. Your choice will depend on what level of service you need. There are some providers that offer introductory pricing scheme (I've seen it as low as $ 1 for the first month), which gives you the opportunity to see firsthand how their service works in a very modest cost. You need to make sure that you understand how users access conference. Solution that uses a phone call in the generally more stringent and / or expensive than using an internet connection or VoIP softphone connections.True audio / video real-time Conferencing is yet to come for the most part. Bandwidth requirements remain excessive and video quality, in particular, is very low. 

If you ever do a live chat with audio and web camera, you saw online limitations.Most presentation involving both audio and video generally use either static images that change infrequently or later, as graphics, website images, topic outline and more. This can be very useful for the teleseminar, of course, because it makes it easier to show at some point and provide visual and audio focus to participants.The combination of audio and visual elements are very useful useful in situations where training can strengthen others. Plus, you have the advantage of reaching people learn better through visual means, and they are slightly audio.For for your character grow eCommerce conference call can be a fantastic tool. Consider how much affect regular teleseminars about your area of ​​expertise may be on sale in the future. You can provide consumers with teaching teleseminars. You can introduce new products. And in each instance you make a recording that you can sell or make available on your website, or use as an additional viral marketing tools.With increasing sophistication and usefulness of the tool for conference calls, the possibility is almost endless, and well within the reach of every entrepreneur. Would hard pressed to find another tool that offers the potential effects and conference call.Copyright 2005 Richard Keir

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Sneak Peek at Future shop

Correction and amplification

Given the rapid pace of technological change and shifting consumer expectations, retail stores are now more likely to look five to 10 years from now.

"The general build retail space all re-think each passing day, with more modern, energy efficient and technologically advanced ideas," said Andrew Swedenborg, executive vice president of the King of Retail Store Solutions in Eugene, Oregon.

Some of the trends taking shape gives clues about what retail stores will look like as we approach 2020. Here's a sneak peek at what the future shape of the store.

Decentralization stores: traditional layout and retail buying experience is changing rapidly, such as wireless technology allows customers to pay for merchandise in stores anywhere.

"The concept of the Apple Store changed the landscape of how we shop," said Kevin Horn, vice president at RTKL, Baltimore-based global design company. "There is no central register of cash, and you can call a sales associate while looking at the product, making the experience more focused."

In addition, the acceptance will be sent via email, while mobile applications such as Square and Intuit allows you to pay with your smartphone instead of plastic.

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Buying experience: As online shopping becomes more popular, brick-and-mortar stores need to focus more on experience rather than a transaction. Because national brand available in every city and on the Internet, a new star to be objective and local retailers offer a social experience. For example, rather than trying to get someone to buy the pot, offering cooking classes first and then promoting pan, said Horn.

"There is a shift away from buying products to buying experiences, or personal improvement and fulfillment." Ron Singler, a principal at Callison, a Seattle-based design of retail and architectural firms, believed the store will offer double experience to keep customers engaged.

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For example, land, initiated by the Anthropologie store, which combines plants, restaurants, books, tools and more - all tailored to a specific location.

Vladimir Pisch, co-owner of Sweet Joey, working with customers to help design jeans.

Photo courtesy of Joey sweet

-Adjust the product: To enhance the shopping experience, retailers are letting more people participate in the creation of the product - whether it's a bike in the Studio Velo in Mill Valley, California, Sweet Joey jeans in Asbury Park, NJ, sturdy shoes or Nike store.

"A lot of stores to be a little more like a studio," says Piers Fawkes, founder and president of, a retail consulting firm. "Be 'expert bike' or 'make your own shoes with the help of a sales associate,' it's about personalization."

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Allowing the product to promote itself: Swedenborg imagined more stores with a wider hallway, open shelves and wider - the focal point of the product.

"I know that shelf space is at a premium, but what is the cost of a chance you have a limited environment that makes getting the store as quickly as possible it is better to stay there," he said.

He cites the example of Whole Foods, which emphasizes the product itself of some design elements. "Basically, the product is an important element of the decor and the customer experience," he said.

Reusing space: Day retailer comes to the environment and to build a new store Waning, said Horn. Instead, they chose to re-use existing space. For example, at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles, developer of rental space in an older building at the local store and leave the common area between the alternatives, farmers markets and craft art shows and live music venues.

"You have a built-in market of young people, hip people appreciate it more than if they had been torn and something built from the ground up," said Horn.

On the opposite coast, took the basement and first two floors Callison Puck Building in New York, held wooden ceilings, chandeliers, and a simple twist, and turn it into REI store first.

"The idea of ​​doing things in a historic building height and repurposing allows REI to connect with real customers, who tend to care about the environment," said Singler. "They're looking for real experience, and subconscious way, using the history of the building lets them know you appreciate the true legacy company brands."

Correction and amplification: There is an earlier version of this article misstated the name of a retail consulting firm. The PSFK correct name.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bennett Lane Winery Sauvignon With High Quality

At the top of the Napa Valley, where the Vaca and Mayacamas mountain ranges meet, Bennett Lane Winery crafts are always a very good vintage after vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon. It's hard to believe that the wine was founded by Lisa and Randy Lynch nine years ago, since the name of Bennett Lane is located on the top-tier Napa Valley Cabernets.

Only in seven vintages, 33 Bennett Lane wines scored 90 points or more from the Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and The Wine Advocate. In 2011 alone, they received twelve 90-plus score points from respectable publishers. The current release, the 2008 Bennett Lane Maximus Red Feasting Wine, awarded 94 points by Wine Enthusiast described as vintage also received Best "excellent table, dry, full-bodied red versatile." Class San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. In 2008 Maximus very low price for a wine of such high gain recognition, and is currently available for sampling in the tasting room a new Bennett Lane.

Despite the award, Bennett Lane Winery is a relaxing and fun place to visit, only about two miles north of Calistoga. It is a popular place among tourists who say this wine is one of the wines, the friendly welcome they visit. "As a small winery, we wanted to make a visit to Bennett Lane tasting experience one of the most enjoyable and educational for visitors," said Randy.

Tasting room recently had an interesting setting. There are now assigned elegant tasting bar, and a new custom iPad app for visitors to use for interactive tasting experience. They can read the latest reviews and tasting notes, food pairings recipes search, share their new favorite wine to Facebook, personal emails and notes the wine - all while their sample of beautiful Bennett line portfolio. With stunning wine, a lovely gesture, and now, the new tasting room is amazing, there are many reasons to visit the Bennett Lane Winery.


'08 Maximus: dark cherry, blueberry, cassis, rich blackberry, Bing cherry, mocha; $ 35

'08 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon: dried cherry, cassis, violets, tobacco, Rainier cherry, plum; $ 95

'08 Cabernet Sauvignon, Family Vineyard Lynch: raspberry, cassis, cocoa cake, allspice, anise, rose petals; $ 125

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Battle Analytics Pagensayo on stroke

Perhaps the surest sign that we are approaching the peak of this year's stats panel at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is called "breaking Down Fight: MMA Analytics,": the first of its kind for the conference . Moderator John Wertheim of Sports Illustrated billed as a "panel of non-ironic" and he was not kidding. He and ESPN (in) Jordan Breen commentator, journalist Thomas Lucas resistance, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship bantamweight title holder Dominick Cruz and Rami Genauer, which maintains the closest thing to sports scores his box FightMetric sites, spending an hour soberly strike status was not statistically UFC.It fair's for beginners like me to cover this panel. I am UFC equivalent of someone asking why basketball players keep dropping the ball on the ground. But my takeaway is that no one really knows what happened to the fighting cage. The program for the panel explained that sport "is still heavily dependent on basic statistics and analysis." That's putting it mildly. "The biggest challenge we had a small sample size," said Genauer, James Bill sport. When she and Cruz debated on what is considered a "recession" or a "significant attack," it became clear that the sample size is only one problem. In home games, the fighters attacked each other in a dizzying array of styles, techniques, and combinations, and unless someone gets knocked out, apparently there is very little agreement on what exactly happened.Fans now FightMetric statistics, which are included in the UFC broadcasts, to help them try to understand everything. And some fighters use the information only to strategize. (If your opponent has a strong right hand, throw a lot of high lefts to keep them busy block.) Mostly it headlong. The MMA judges, to hear from the panel, are notoriously inefficient. Fighters are paid at the top and bottom for all types of slippery grounds. And matches are arranged in a systematic manner. During the panel, Cruz, champion when the sport, I learned that when making their final decision, the judge did not have access to real time data collection Genauer. "This is news to me," Cruz said.I will, however, take a bit of interesting information of the time: the average fighter takes about 22 seconds to recover from a low blow. Now you know.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Soon Can You Run Your Underwater Home. But the Cost

For some homeowners, March 1 is the Day of Liberation. That's when Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC) will begin allowing some homeowners who have been trapped in their homes, can not move because they owe more than the property is worth to let their new home and cancel debt.The rules (PDF) for made-in-replacement deal applies to people current or less than 90 days late on their mortgage payments. To the extent that these changes make it easier for people to move, to take a new job, the location of the shift after the death of a spouse or caregiver, or if they become ill and could no longer house payment should help the economic recovery. This change will also benefit relocated.To military personnel eligible for handing over the house key, homeowners must make a payment of at least 55 percent of their monthly income on home and should be to document a " : rigor "that requires action, such as the death of some. House must be clean and undamaged. Homeowners must also submit as many as 20 percent of personal assets, including retirement accounts, to meet most of the unpaid balance of the loan, depending on the financial situation of the borrower. This program does not affect a second mortgage. Mortgage servicers may offer up to $ 6000 for the second-lien holder release the borrower from the debt, but there is not necessarily agree with holder. This may limit the new rules participation.The not a free pass for people who can get better jobs and want to escape underwater mortgage, says Barry Zigas, director of housing policy at the Consumer Federation of America in Washington. "Borrowers who have any kind of equity in their homes and unable to pay the mortgage ... never come to proceed by simply walking away from the house, "he said. "The work of replacement credit events much better than a foreclosure, but it is not a good conclusion to the story. But some people, they do not want "So., New rules for mortgage services almost giveaway for borrowers who can afford to pay. There are no estimates for how many borrowers will be eligible to apply for the release of the deed-in-lieu, although the number is expected to be small, Freddie Mac spokesman Brad German said Monday. Sales in the short sale lender allows the house for less than they owe, have become far more popular one distressed borrowers rather than made-in-lieu transaction, said Julia Gordon, director of housing finance Center for American Progress, a nonpartisan research institute. In the first three quarters of 2012, the Federal Housing Finance Agency approved more than 108,000 short sales, compared to 13,000 work-in-lieu.Nationally, rising house prices helped boost the negative equity fell to $ 658,000,000,000 in late September 2012, $ 689,000. 000,000 at the end of the second quarter, research firm CoreLogic (CLGX) said in a report on January 17 (PDF). Approximately 22 percent of residential properties with a mortgage, or 10.7 million, were underwater at the end of the third quarter, the company said. The most extreme states of Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan accounted for more than a third of all mortgage underwater. JP Morgan (JPM) has estimated that the number of properties with negative equity may fall to 4 million in 2015, Bloomberg News reported Monday.Why it took so long to produce a limited program to help struggling homeowners? Politics provide borrowers with more debt than they can pay plagued the recovery in the housing market since the collapse of the subprime mortgage crisis that led to the 2008 financial crisis. (Is, after all, a CNBC reporter Rick Santelli in February 2009 on-air rant about not wanting to "subsidize the losers Mortgage '" which has been widely credited with forming the Tea Party movement .) On the other hand, Fannie and Freddie to get almost $ 200 billion from taxpayers since the 2008 crisis.